About Hochfelder

American real estate giant Adam Hochfelder has been working in real estate as long as he remembers. Although he doesn’t come from a wealthy family, his father had a repair shop and his mother was a sales clerk, he got his interest in real estate when he was only 5 years old. His passion for the market led him to study classical economy, although he later transferred to legal studies.

Adam Hochfelder
Originally from Colorado, Adam Hochfelder left his home when he was 18, in order to pursue his dream of becoming a famous real estate advisor. Once he arrived in New York he was able to get take on the value of some local pubs, although that was not enough so he had to work two jobs. After meeting Dave at one of his short flips, he was invited to join him in his company. After meeting with some influential people, Mr. Hochfelder decided to form Merchant Hospitality and to act as its Managing Director.
Today he still works with them, buying notable real estates in a fraction of the price.