Merchants Hospitality’s Managing Director of Real Estate Acquisitions & Development, Adam Hochfelder, has successfully led the company into acquiring valuable acquisition and assemblage. Thanks to his remarkable management skills Mr. Hochfelder was also able to complete the acquisition of several luxury buildings located in some of NYC best areas.

Aside from his professional RISD projects, Adam Hochfelder has also successfully funded the development of the NYC Parenting Center created for assisting the first time mothers in need. In addition, Hochfelder has developed low-income housing in New York and Philadelphia has contributed to HELP USA and serves as an active coach in youth sports in Manhattan. He has been honored by several national charities for his involvement and contributions to multiple causes.

Hochfelder started his career as a real estate investor, before joining the Merchants Hospitality team. He was one of the youngest people ever selected to serve on the Real Estate Board of New York.

Being a son of a garment manufacturer, Adam managed to purchase his first building by the time he was 27, literally taking control of New York’s skyline. The young man with a sense of business knew exactly how to grow his real-estate empire. After Mr. Hochfelder stunned New York’s biggest landowners by buying the legendary power building he began working on his amazing commercial real-estate portfolio. Soon after, Adam was in a position to compete for the most expensive buildings in the city, and in no time some of the nation’s largest institutions began investing side by side with Adam Hochfelder.