If you are buying a property for the first time in your life you should know that most customers do those same old mistakes over and over again. For those that want to avoid these problems Adam Hochfelder, one of America’s best real estate executives and real estate bloggers, reveals some of the tricks for making an informed, smart buying decision.

The most common mistake that repeatedly happens with people who are purchasing real estate for the first time is like Adam Hochfelder puts it “love at first sight”. Falling in love with a property, at first sight, is almost typical for real estate buyers. Simply something happens when a customer enters an apartment or a house that he or she has come to look and that’s it. No real estate property shown before or after is no longer comparable to the one that completely fascinated the customer. Experienced real estate agents and executives such as Hochfelder immediately recognize the sparkle in the customer’s eyes and know that after that the customer will sign the contract, which means ending the quest for the ideal property.

However, Hochfelder advises that you keep the initial excitement and thrill about the found property aside, and if not more just give yourself time to sleep on it, and objectively, with a cold head consider whether that property meets all of your criteria. In fact, if you buy a property that you think has certain disadvantages such as less room than you had planned, there is no parking space although you necessarily need it or something else which is quite important than those disadvantages will only become bigger issues in the future. Therefore, if you are not able to objectively analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the real estate that has truly won you over, then the best thing you can do is ask someone to help you make a decision because eventually, that is one of the most important life issues. As with most things in life, making a hasty and uninformed decision can cost you a lot, both financially and emotionally, so in order to protect yourself, make sure you are not overwhelmed by feelings, and all of your previous expectations are met.