There’s no denying that how you feel about a property is going to have a big influence on your decision on whether or not to purchase it. Because you can’t always keep your emotions out of the equation, real estate experts like Adam Hochfelder make sure everything is balanced perfectly.  In the acquisition consultation process, he determines what your needs are and compares them to the purchase price, in order to determine which properties are worth considering. So, regardless of whether you’re looking to expand or upgrade your real estate portfolio, Merchants Hospitality Managing Director, Adam Hochfelder has the experience essential to help you achieve your business goals. Both buyers and sellers benefit from his knowledge of the real estate market and advice beyond basic legal requirements. He advises on every stage of an acquisition or sale, from structuring, documenting and negotiating joint ventures to the development or divestment of real property.

The first thing that needs to be done when acquiring a real estate property is to identify the purpose. Knowing the buyers’ plans for using the property for is a top priority. Agents can help you concretize the purpose of the real estate investment and assist you with the plans for that property. By doing this you will have a more targeted search that will help everybody focus on your exact needs.

Setting your priorities is also of an utmost importance. Knowing what your wishes and needs are, as telling the difference between the two, can help you make a better decision. Adam Hochfelder can also help you determine your requirements in order of priority.
After you’ve successfully set your priorities you need to ensure compatibility, meaning you need to make sure that your list of requirements is compatible with your budget. Adam’s deep industry knowledge and experience will help you determine what features you can and can’t expect for properties in your particular price range.

Once you have defined the criteria that are crucial, you’ll be able to initiate a smarter, more focused search that will get results in a shorter amount of time. Next, all you need to do is find the ideal property. In order to do that you will get scheduled to see prescreened properties, saving you time and effort. When you finally have a list of serious contenders that you want to consider, agents can again assist you with assessing and comparing the pros and cons of each.

When you’ve narrowed down your choices to one, the agents can start preparing an offer that sellers can’t refuse.  The greatest protection against risk in any real estate investment experiences and choosing a partner like Adam Hochfelder can bring you benefits from his decades of learned expertise in real estate of every kind. Throughout the years he has acted as the developer for a diverse set of assets around the U.S.A. In addition, his in-depth knowledge of the real estate sector and close working relationships network allows him to add value to clients’ transactions with high-quality, practical advice.