Many people decide to sell their property, and immediately start making plans for the future assuming that the property will soon be sold, and they can use that money to start a new chapter. But as real estate expert and blogger Hochfelder A. reveals, in reality quite often properties are advertised for such a long time before someone eventually makes the final decision and buys it. Waiting for an interested buyer to show up can be time and energy-consuming.  If you’ve been waiting for several months and absolutely no one who appeared with a serious intention to buy, you are probably wondering what’s wrong. If you want to sell your property in today’s competitive marketplace here are a few tips by Adam Hochfelder that can hopefully help you speed up the sale.

The first tip that Hochfelder offers to those going through the selling process is to regularly update the advertisement. Most often customers start browsing through real estate ads a lot before they decide to buy. Some customers are looking for the right property for years. If your ad along with your property listing stands long without any changes, not only does it automatically go to the end of a long list of properties that are most probably sold, but even more potential buyers start to ignore that ad assuming that something is wrong. Therefore, update your ad regularly, add some new details that you believe potential buyers would like, such as recent photos, add a floor plan if it was not previously included, or simply change the title of your ad.

Photos are the most important element of the ad because it is what attracts the potential buyers’ attention. Therefore, play with the order of the photos, and put the most attractive picture of the real estate put as the main photo. Highlight the best features of your real estate property and place those photos on the main page of the ad. If you have photographed only the interior, make a couple of shots of the exterior as well, and highlight the things like a new facade, decorated environment or green surrounding. Make your own test by asking a few people to see some of the pictures and point the one that they see as the most interesting. Hochfelder also published an advice on his Houzz profile, recommending some photos taken at night, especially if the property has a spectacular view, which comes to the fore just at night or the sunset.

Work on the property description and try some other words that describe this property, you may have omitted the keywords in the old ad. Point out some advantages of the property such as location or proximity facilities, good infrastructure, or you may mention that the property was renovated and it has some advantages over other real estate properties.